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I’m Harkrishan or Harry to some. Along with being an engineering undergrad, I am a Hufflepuff, passionate about writing, reading and Toastmasters. I started this blog a few years ago and it is my repository for introspective writings!

Some of my writing…

For whom?

Today, I am in search of clarity. I am struggling with something fundamental – the balance between living for myself and living for others. My search for this balance. And my desperate hope that this balance exists. We come…

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Today, I am thinking about boundaries. As someone who is open and friendly, setting boundaries was a difficult prospect for me. It sounded like locking a gate and stopping people from entering my life. Or even adding unnecessary distance…

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Boundaries pt.2

I am thinking about boundaries again. Especially how to approach them from outside, that is, how to behave around someone’s boundaries. Respect. By accepting the boundaries someone builds, you show that you have respect for them; and for the…

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Light and dark

I laughed hard today, and rejoiced. The day was of my own making. Things went where they should. So did the words. Everything was well. This light, I embraced it. I pressed it to myself and held my breath.…

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Growth isn’t linear

I wish I could walk a straight path From where I am to where I’ll be But winds and storms, they had their say And I ended up by the sea I walked and walked the sandy shores In…

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