Growth isn’t linear

I wish I could walk a straight path
From where I am to where I'll be
But winds and storms, they had their say
And I ended up by the sea

I walked and walked the sandy shores
In search of another face
One who walked a path like mine
And hopefully at a similar pace

My path was desolate, empty and bleak
Not another soul I came across
I went where the winds carried me
My loneliness was my loss

Up and down I went, hither and thither
Often two steps backward lost,
I wondered why it must be so
My insides turned and tossed

In my search for a path to follow,
Or footsteps I could pursue
I didn't notice how far I'd come
Or the path I'd forged anew

A path made of my own mistakes
My trials and my tribulations
As messy and winding it may have been
It was a path of my own creation

I walked it alone as I started
And lonesome, I walk it now
For no one has ever been me before
That, nature simply cannot allow

I set out wishing a straight path
And now I'm thankful for it all
The twists and turns, the ups and downs
They're my own and now I stand tall

2 thoughts on “Growth isn’t linear

  1. Your words are flowing and create a beautiful poem.
    I like how you are grateful for all you’ve encountered on the way to now. Those are all your valuable learnings😊 keep writing, there’s much wisdom in your words.

    Liked by 1 person

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