Light and dark

I laughed hard today, and rejoiced.
The day was of my own making.
Things went where they should.
So did the words.
Everything was well.

This light, I embraced it.
I pressed it to myself and held my breath.
The moments stopped just then.
Everyone and everything ceased.
As did the clocks.

I waited for change, it comes always.
But not now it seemed.
This light I held on to was it.
It was mine after a long time.
I couldn't let go.

It struck me then, the fool I was.
I was holding tight to a thing fleeting.
A thing embraced and let go.
For its arrival meant good things.
And to come, it had to go.

I slacked my grip, bit by bit.
And the clocks they started too.
People moved, the world unfroze.
And I knew how it must be.
I opened my arms wide.

My light. It flew away far.
I saw the shades of dark approach.
I shivered and mustered my resolve.
It was time to move on.
Time to move through.

It was easier this time. The dark.
Though I still ached at its end.
But that joy, that light returned.
As it if it was an old friend.
Mine again fleetingly.

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