The Good Old Days

There is line in the Office – “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” That is where I am this evening. All journey’s end. It is an easy and simple fact until you reach an end. Then it seems neither simple nor … Continue reading The Good Old Days

To be human

to bear necessary struggle with discomfort etched in each moment to sleep away today’s defeat and dream of miracles tomorrow to harbour love for the world but detest at your own shadow to look outward scrambling for fear of looking inwards to survive ordeals and trials with all the courage mustered to engrave harsh lessons … Continue reading To be human

Peace in your battles

It’s been a while but today I am thinking about peace. And how we get to it. Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they’re keeping it together when you’re falling apart? In our relentless pursuit towards success, a job, financial goals and whatnot, how do we find peace? When do we find … Continue reading Peace in your battles

For whom?

Today, I am in search of clarity. I am struggling with something fundamental – the balance between living for myself and living for others. My search for this balance. And my desperate hope that this balance exists. We come into this world all loud and fussy. And then we find our people; who raise us … Continue reading For whom?

Boundaries pt.2

I am thinking about boundaries again. Especially how to approach them from outside, that is, how to behave around someone’s boundaries. Respect. By accepting the boundaries someone builds, you show that you have respect for them; and for the behaviour they accept around them. It is then your choice to either abide by their wishes … Continue reading Boundaries pt.2


Today, I am thinking about boundaries. As someone who is open and friendly, setting boundaries was a difficult prospect for me. It sounded like locking a gate and stopping people from entering my life. Or even adding unnecessary distance that would only make things more difficult. Things are much clearer now. And I realize just … Continue reading Boundaries

Light and dark

I laughed hard today, and rejoiced. The day was of my own making. Things went where they should. So did the words. Everything was well. This light, I embraced it. I pressed it to myself and held my breath. The moments stopped just then. Everyone and everything ceased. As did the clocks. I waited for … Continue reading Light and dark

Own the experience

Today, I am thinking about our experiences, especially those that make us happy or fulfilled or make us feel connected. This experience could be a new restaurent, a trip somewhere or even your culture. Some experiences we are born into, like those around us or our environment. These, we we have little control over. At … Continue reading Own the experience

To expect or not

Expectation is the thief of joy. It is the root of all heartache. Some well-known people came up with these quotes and with good reason, I have learned. But it is so easy to expect, is it not? How that interview will go? How an exam will go? How that date will go? We tend … Continue reading To expect or not


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